Young Artists - Keeping kids interested in Art

Is your young child into art? If so, as a parent you should definitely encourage them to move forward with the practice. Who knows, maybe one day they will become the next Andy Warhol or Annie Leibovitz! There are plenty of ways to keep your child interested in the arts and crafts. Sign them up for some summer art classes each year. This is a great way to increase their talent level at an early age. You can also start drawing together and doing crafty things during the holidays such as make a gingerbread home or even decorate a Christmas tree. If you are stuck for ideas here is a list of art supplies which are great for any child interested in arts and crafts.

1. Kids Easel: If they don't have one already, get them a multi-functional Crayola Easel. You will notice your child starting to draw and paint more once he has one of these the wreck room. You can even get tear off sheets and dry erase easels so that you and your family can all play Charades together.

2. Paint by Numbers: This is a great way to improve accuracy at a very young age. These activities are super fun for kids of all ages. Adults even like to do them because as long as you stay inside the lines, it makes for a prideful piece of art in the end.

3. Colossal Art Kit: This foldable briefcase for children has everything that is ever needed for creative and hand made projects. It includes oil pastels, markers, chalk, colored pencils, and watercolor cakes. It even comes with an eraser and pencil sharpener for convenience.

4. Sidewalk Chalk: This is a great tool for a child who likes to draw and play outside with their neighborhood friends. They can play hopscotch or simply draw pictures on the sidewalk. Either way all children love chalk.

5. Etch-a-Sketch: They seem old school but an Etch-a-Sketch is a great way to practice line quality and precision among a tight restriction. It can teach your young artist the valuable lesson that every drawing does not have to be kept, and that practice makes perfect.

If your children are into art, there are plenty of ways to keep them interested. With every holiday and birthday gift, get them something that will contribute to their growing talent. Be sure that your young one has a sketch book and pretty soon your young child will be begging for the latest paint by numbers and the Do-It-Yourself crafts.

Support your young artist and get started by purchasing a kids easel from One day, your little Picasso will thank you.

Also, young artists should check out these Free Online Art Classes. There, you will find information-rich art instruction presented in simple, step-by-step formats which have proven to be successful for my many students. Many of the lessons have videos as well, to show you just how to develop the basic skills and techniques in a variety of art mediums. Young Artists article to the Homepage