Therapy through expressive art

by Roxanne

To me, creating "art" or craft pieces is just about getting an idea out there. It doesn't always need to be an idea that I think the world needs to see, but it's like: it's in my head, and it needs to get out! I have to realize it. Most often for me it is therapeutic in a sense, although it can be expressive once in a while, too. Though, usually, when I try for something too expressive, I become very picky and very much a perfectionist, and I'm never happy with what I do. So, sadly, I try to stay away from those types of things and keep those ideas in my head, at least until a time when I know I can churn those ideas out more adequately. Most times I'd rather not stress myself out over art too much in the effort of making an expression, though I admire people who can greatly! But I have to say, I think that the expressive type of art is the best for the world, honestly. While the types of art I like to create are pretty and make the world prettier, the type of art that comes from the need for expression makes others think, too. It keeps us on our feet and keeps new ideas constantly flowing through our minds. And in order to advance in every aspect--not to mention to keep art flowing--we need those things!

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