The process is what matters

by Lauren

Painting is a way to express how I feel without words. It allows me to interpret my feelings in a way that many people don?t understand. It?s therapeutic. When I paint it?s my time to forget about the outside world and just focus on what I want to accomplish. I like to listen to me mp3 player and tune out all of the outside noise and do what I want to do. When I have a hard day I like to come home and sit down with a blank canvas and create something new. Sometimes it is frustrating when things don?t come out on the canvas exactly the way I want them to, but working through that is another way to relieve stress. Sometimes taking a break from it makes it easier to think about problems in real life, to help put them in perspective. The finished product isn?t always exactly what I hoped for or had planned for in the beginning, but the time and effort put into making it makes it worth it. In the end, the release I feel from creating something is all that matters.

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