Saving a life through art

by Libby

I grew up in the type of family that believed children shouldn't be seen or heard. The older children reinforced this notion indirectly. So I had to learn and express myself through different means. As a child I wrote stories and did my own illustration. The first book I ever wrote was about going to the dentist, and my fear of the careless public health staff who would threaten kids by telling them that if they didn't brush their teeth would fall out when they were eighteen. The creative energy I put into my work saved my life. If I had no outlet for my emotions I would have killed myself in high school. I had no friends that I could confide in, no family that really permit me to fully express myself, and due to being taught not to speak I, despite being an excellent writer, didn't have the words to articulate my anger and sadness. It took me until I was about twenty five to be able to express myself verbally, and I still to this day write or draw a lot of things out before I discuss issues with people face to face.

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