Rose Drawings -
Learn How to Draw a Rose

Rose Drawings - Capture the essence of a flower by drawing loosely and not worrying about making an exact copy.

Do you find drawing roses a daunting task? Do roses appear impossibly complicated to draw? While they do look complicated, I find that if I release all thoughts of perfection the task gets MUCH easier!

Every rose is different, and each rose will look different depending on the angle at which it's viewed as well as the lighting. Consider those differences when drawing - no one will know that your drawing is not exact as long as you capture it's essence.

I prefer to start out with a pure contour line drawing before I add any color or shading. It's quick, easy and fun!

How do you know if you've captured a flowers' essential nature? If it looks like even vaguely like a flower you've done a great job!

If you are just beginning, you might have to draw one hundred roses before you are finally happy with your results. Buy yourself a sketchbook with lots of pages and draw away. It's great fun and good for your mental health - as long as you let go of perfection, and simply enjoy the process of learning to draw.

You can paint your drawing if you like. Here I used watered down acrylics. I like acrylics because I can make them transparent by adding water. Or I can let them remain opaque when I want to cover up any previous mistakes!

Good Luck!

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