Realistic Drawing Tips:
One-Point Perspective Video

Create realistic drawings using the rules of one-point perspective. (4 min.)

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one point perspective

Step-by-step instructions:

One-Point Perspective

1. Always begin by finding the
Horizon Line. In this case my
eye level is a bit closer to the
floor than to the ceilings.
Therefore, I'll place my horizon
in the bottom half of the page.

2. Next, find your Vanishing
Point. If drawing a hallway,
consider which side of the hall
you are closer too. Here, I am
just right of center.

3. Draw the end of the hall.
Consider your horizon line and
vanishing point when placing
this box. You must be directly
facing this wall to draw in
one-point perspective. If you
are at an angle to this wall,
you should draw two-point
perspective instead.

4. All receding lines will converge
(meet) at the vanishing point. The
corners of the room reflect where the
ceilings and floors meet with
the walls.

5. The top of a door is usually
parallel to the ceiling and floor,
therefore, it must also converge
at the vanishing point.

The sides of the tiles that recede
into space meet at the vanishing
point, while the sides of the tiles
that are parallel to the end of the
hallway will be drawn as horizontal
lines. Notice how these lines get
closer together as they recede
into space.

6. Finally, erase all the "imaginary" lines. You will be left with a drawing that gives the illusion of realistic 3d space!

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