Nurturing your own and your children's creativity


All human beings have an inborn urge to be creative and art is perhaps is the best medium to nurture one’s creative ideas. During my studies, especially in the initial years, I had a lot of spare time. To utilize my spare time and to create something of my own I took up drawing. From the very beginning I felt that I have chosen the right thing. With pencil, different colors I could create something that has not been created by anybody prior to me. As I learned more, I just got immersed in it. Though all my drawings have not been well-appreciated by others, I was satisfied with my creation. In my later life when I had kids, my drawings could bring immense pleasure to them and they also took up drawing. Now that they have something to satisfy their creative urge, makes me happy. When I see them playing with colors and having fun, I feel so happy that it is difficult to express in words. I feel that my attachment towards drawing has paid me back more than enough.

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