need help

by Vee Froundjian
(Manhasset, NY 11030 USA)



Question: Help me to draw better. Please tell me what I am doing wrong and how can I improve my drawing. Attached image has both the photograph I am trying to draw and my pencil drawing. Thank you so much... Vee

Answer: Hello Vee - first of all, I am assuming that you took a picture of your drawing at an angle? From what I can tell, the proportions look pretty good, especially from the eyes down. The iris of the eyes appear to be in the wrong places however. When drawing a person, the iris of both eyes are usually located in the same spot within the oval of the eye (especially in a head on view) but you have one eye looking to the left and the other looking to the right - in order to improve, make sure they are both looking in the same direction. Also, further develop your highlights and shadows simply by adding more pencil where the drawing is darker and then using an eraser to lift up pencil where the picture is lighter. Dark areas are around the beard and hair. Also, the nose has a slight and subtle dark outline, but you have it drawn as a very distinct dark line. Try softening the outlines around the nose by shading in the skin around it and around the entire face.

I really enjoy the sketchy quality of your drawing. It has a lot of energy and conveys the smile on the mans face well!

Hope this helps Vee - keep drawing always.


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thank you
by: Vee

Thank you Elizabeth for your remarks. The tone of your comments is encouraging and motivating which will help me to keep working on until it improves.
Thanks again,

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