need critique x) and question about highlights

by Tomasz Golinski


My name is Tomasz ;) I started my ''adventure'' with drawing not so long ago. I'm drawing with pencil only and currently im trying to work out what are all those types of pencils for xD... but thats not why i came here :P

So here is my problem if you look at the attached drawing or check and look at the girl portrait i have made. It's made totally with HB pencil, back then (april '10) I didn't know that different pencils are so different so I made everything in 1 pencil as i didn't see the point of using it. Ofcourse now I started to see the difference and I know i could make the same in muuuuch shorter time x) but...

I need a harsh critique on that (otherwise I'll never learn).

the problems I see on my own are:

1. Eyes ain't the same and I never can get the 2nd eye looking as good as the first one (any tips on that?)

2. The place where neck and chin meet up has a black outline ... I can't get how to make it without the line. The neck should be darker when closer to chin and the chin itself should be light ... I know that stuff but when i made it like that it looked too flat :P... if you know what i mean xD

3. Highlights... highlights... highlights :P... thats my biggest pain especially in metal kind of things like piercings or right now I'm in middle of drawing woman warrior with metal scale armour... and highlights in the eyes...

about the highlights on the center of the eyes, i tried to use 4 types of erasers but none of them worked as I wanted it to be... Any tips about how to do the highlights? What i did on attached photo is that i marked the highlighted places right at the start of sketching the eyes... is that the only way to do it ? as the highlights are so small i cant make them as a final touches without erasing everything around :P...

same goes for all small highlights like in piercings or the scale armour im making right now.

4. also got some problems with shadows around nose chicks mouth :P... at least i think so :P..

I know i got those problems but i cant fix them myself :P

Sorry for my bad English... its 3 am here and i don't have time to fix my mistakes :P...

Thanks and regards
Tomasz ;)


Tomasz - here is my critique -

1. The eyes look fine - if you look at pictures of people both eyes NEVER look exactly the same - it's unnatural. I think the eyes you have drawn look very natural, and that is great!

2. The outline around the chin is probably necessary to add depth - try making the outline gradually fade into the neck (just a tiny bit!) to make it look less outliney.

3. The highlights in the eyes look fine to me - and yes, the best way to draw white highlights within an eye using pencil is to draw a light circle around the highlight and then just not color them in! I would recommend using an eraser with charcoal, however, pencil is harder to erase. Same goes for piercings or the scale armour.

4. shadows around nose and mouth - perhaps they could be softened - have you tried blending with a blending stump? or, you could use a lighter H pencil to slowly blend them out so that they gradually fade into the surrounding skin.

Overall, your drawing is great. I think you're being a little hard on yourself! The girl has a captivating look, especially the eyes ... forget perfection, just enjoy the learning process! You might also consider trying graphite powder in future drawings - you can buy it ready to go or make your own using sandpaper.

Hope this helps! Happy Drawing!


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