Mural Projects and the benefit of Public Art

by Rafael

I believe that art is needed in public spaces and has a big affect on their audience. For example mural projects are very appreciated within people walking by, watching it happen like a performance… a collaboration that is manifested with the participants. A project leaves colorful images with a composition that people can see day-to-day which adds life and expression to their neighborhoods. Also there are many dialogues and comments created from people that walk by and look at the work. Mural projects bring unity within artists, as they have work together at different levels of knowledge. The leaders of a project have to be secure and maintain good self-steam in order to avoid conflicts while executing their projects. Therefore, good leaders are flexible and supportive of each other… providing guidance to the students and volunteers. These projects give an alternative to students, in doing something positive in their community, away from the peer pressures of growing up and bad influences. The most regarding moments is the Mural inauguration, when students have accomplished their participation and overall fulfillment in the project. It gives inspiration, acknowledgement and hope in their future.

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