Making time to draw

Art lets me take my mind off of things such as school work, my job, and other things that need to be done. Since I am in college, I rarely have time to sit down and just draw something, so I am taking a drawing class this semester.

My goal from now on, instead of just wasting time on Facebook or doing nothing, I will draw or create something. You can't really take anything away from Facebook, but you can create so many things with drawing. The other thing that I like about drawing is that it tells stories. What I and other people choose to draw has meaning to them or a story behind that, and I find that extremely interesting.

We can learn things about ourselves, people in our community, people all across the world, and people who lived thousands of years ago by looking at the things that they created. I hope one day to creat something that will tell my stories generations from now. ----Jessica

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