Making Art for Family and Friends

by anonymous

Art making and creativity are beneficial to me because I am able to make things that enrich the lives of the people I love. One of the things I like to do is I like to make and decorate special birthday cakes for my kids in the shape of characters or things that they love. My mom did this for my siblings and me when we were growing up and it has left fun memories that make me feel special. I enjoy carrying on this tradition with my kids. I enjoy thinking about what things they enjoy and what would be fun for them, creating an idea in my head, researching and finding inspiration, and making it into a reality. The one I enjoyed the most was a birthday cake in the shape of a fire truck I made for my son's fourth birthday party. He was very excited and it made a very nice decorative centerpiece for the party table. I got to use colorful candies to decorate it with and he and his friends loved it. It made me feel good to be able to make something first in my head and then with my hands that would provide enjoyment for my son and his party guests. It's so satisfying to be able to do it myself instead of just placing an order for a store-bought cake. I also like to make greeting cards. I like saving money and using materials I already have to make them. I like that I can make something personal to give someone. It's like putting an extra part of myself into the card. I like to be able to express myself in that way. I have made puppy dog invitations for my son's birthday party, wedding shower cards, baby shower cards, baby shower invitations, and "just because" cards. I like that I can make the cards to fit the theme of a party or event or special occasion. I don't feel very artistic or creative, but I like making these kinds of things. I feel the creative process and end result make me feel more connected to the people around me for whom I make things and make me feel good when others find value in them.

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