Creating Line Art Drawings -
Contour Drawing Video

Creating Line Art Drawings - For tips on how to draw contour lines watch the Contour Drawing Video. (3.5 minutes)

Things to remember:

  • draw slowly and deliberately NOT sketchy

  • contour line drawings are made up of only lines, NO shading

  • lines should follow the contours of your still life object(s)

  • For added interest you can modify the thickness of the line - darker lines for major lines, lighter lines for soft implied edges

  • For an extra challenge use a fine tip marker instead of a pencil

  • Contour drawing is a great way to practice and improve your drawing technique whether you are a beginner or already a skilled artist

paint brush

*Anything that has texture
such as hair should be
grouped together when
creating a contour drawing.
This means all drawn lines
should define the contours
of the object instead of
trying to simulate texture.

Use a lighter line to outline
highlights and shadows -
this will help define where
surfaces curve, bend or
change in value and/or color.

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