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For the decorations of diwali

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Concept orionsport

The drawing is of a concept car which have design of an hypercar but in different way. I designed it on my own.

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My own concept design

I'm teen of age sweet 16 who has a great love for drawing cartoon and designing cars. I'm making sketches of cars from last 4 years. Drawing is just a

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black and white drawing

These drawings that I worked on for several days in pencil sketch first then had gone over it with a fine point marker in order to come to conclude the

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The Last Tree

Nature is getting destroyed..we are cutting trees. The picture shows how the last tree tries to survive in the midst of cold and strong wind This is

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Albert Einstein

Charcoal Portrait

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lord shiva

fistly i intoduce myself, am sarika studying engineering in gsss,,, i love lord shiva so thats y i drawn this picture...and second one s anjanaya,, 3rd

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An Eye Drawing by 13 year old

I am 13 years old and drew this while on holiday. I took a picture of my own eye and drew what i could see. Im better at observational drawing. I would

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Im thirteen and I drew this picture on holiday. I love to draw but i want to improve. Please help.sorry about the bad quality of the picture.

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Viper by JohnnyZee78

Hi, I am a big car enthusiast, and I love drawing. This inspired by a real picture on internet. I have several others hand drawn pictures, which I

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this is my fav drawing

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old and gold photos

I made it and some advices from u as it will be a great honour for me.........

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bentley suv redesigned

Redesigning the bentley suv

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my lambo

Using oil paste

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Caterham "Lotus" Super Seven

This is a Pencil Drawing, done with two colors. This Car Construction is over 50 years old, it uses a 200 h.p. Cosworth Engine.

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