I need music

Since I was old enough to hold my head up, I have "needed" music. I remember being in my walker and trying to dance to whatever beat I could hear from the music my mother would play.

When she would play music, it meant it was close to dinner time, daddy coming home, and it meant all was well with the world. As I grew, my love of music grew to become such a part of me, I felt as if I would cease to exist without it. Music has been a soothing retreat and a therapeutic means to any pain I have ever felt. This is true even today, as I suffer from chronic pain, but if I hear music, I seem to forget my physical pain, just for that moment. I'm taken somewhere elsewhere I see in my minds eye, everything sunny, and bright, wind in my hair, and warmth on my face. My feet begin to move without me even noticing, it has just always been there for me, in a time of desperation, loss, love, and happiness.

It is a way we all can connect. Emotionally, it binds us and we are thrown back to a time and place, where we were young and without fear, or were in love. The senior prom, grad night, our wedding day, a death, a birth...any milestone that occurs in our life, music is always the back drop to it all. Candice

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