I need help (Is talent required to draw?)

by Menna

Question: Hi I'm Menna, 18 years old, from Egypt. I started pencil drawing since i was a kid, and I thought I can draw. But a month ago I tried to draw real drawings, I mean real people, I failed too many times so I started to search to know how to shade, and then I did it, but then a woman told me that I have to be talented to draw ,so that is my question..... is that right?? do I have to be talented to improve my drawing???

This is a drawing that I did 2 days ago and I just want to know your opinion, because I really really really need it.

p.s. I use pencil only, and I hope to know the difference between pencil and charcoal drawing
forgive me if my English is bad. :D


Hi Menna,

First of all, your English is just fine. Secondly, let me tell you that if this is your drawing then you do have the talent!

In order to draw realistically you need to know techniques to help you translate the 3d world onto a 2d paper. Does it take talent to learn those techniques? Perhaps, but lets go a little further.

As a teacher for many years now I have watched total beginners learn the techniques, even though they could not draw a stick figure when they started. Eventually, even these people learned how to draw! I have also seen other students who could not draw that never learned even after taking my class. My opinion is that they never listened to a word I said. They just kept doing the same thing over and over and did not bother trying to learn the techniques.

Now, again, as a teacher of many years I can already see that you DO have the talent to learn to draw. The drawing of the baby is good. It's not perfect but I see that you are paying attention! Look at those cheeks - it looks like you could squeeze them! The forehead looks soft and round, I see the shape of the skull beneath. The shoulders and arms are coming out of the right place - the nose is super cute and the lips are pretty good too. The shading around the eyes looks realistic and even the texture of the hair looks soft, like a baby's.

When drawing a portrait of someone I find that I have to draw the person 2 or 3 times before I get it to look just like them. (The first time I draw someone it ends up looking like their brother or sister!). I recommend you try drawing this baby again, but using charcoal instead of pencil. Charcoal is much easier to smudge and manipulate. You will get a better look and be happier with your final drawing I think.

Please don't ever let anyone tell you that you cannot draw or that you don't have the talent.
If you enjoy drawing that is all the reason you need to continue drawing. I think as long as we enjoy doing something, it doesn't matter whether or not we are the best at it, as long as we try!

If you like, please feel free to share your next drawing with me. You can even show it to me in the beginning stages and I can give you advice on how to proceed. You can try out my suggestions and let me know if they worked (or not). This service is free so please don't hesitate to ask questions.

And of course, read and watch the Charcoal Drawing Lessons and Videos on this website to get started drawing in charcoal.

Wishing you the best in your drawing pursuits,

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thanks alot :D
by: menna

thank you very much for your help
and i promise i will share my work as soon as i learn how to draw with charcoal, then i will try to draw that baby again :D :D
thanks again :D

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