How to draw short beards

chase crawford

chase crawford


well, I was searching "tips" to draw, and the banana drawing was excellent, but what I´m searching for is how to draw beard, is kind of hard. I´ve drawn some beards, but they where of old people, this time I´m trying to draw Chace Crawford... if you could help me it would be excellent!


Thanks for your question. I just googled Chase and I see your dilema - it's not quite so straight forward... But I think we can figure it out easily.

If you squint your eyes a bit you'll see three different things happening. First, I see a dark shadow where the beard gets close to the jawline, and this shadow has a definite shape - it's recognizable - get this shape right, and you're one step closer to attaining a true likeness. Second - the rest of the beard just looks like lots of tiny dots/lines (this is the mustache and the light & sparse part where it transitions into the skin - both above and on the neck). Third, within the darkest part of the beard, there are small light parts - in the pics of him in daylight you can see through to the skin... and in the pics of him at night I see tiny highlights, perhaps due to the flash from the cameras.

I would begin by laying down the major values. Make sure you go ahead and add main shadows (along the jawline) and highlights (chin and above lips) wherever you see them. And make sure to go ahead and put down the subtle shadows too - such as right below the lips and underneath the nose. At this point, keep everything smooth, including the transitions from shadow to light.

Once you've got the major light & dark values down you can begin putting the details down. These would be the tiny dots/lines I mentioned above, they don't need to be very dark or perfect. I would use a charcoal pencil and just start tapping, tapping... until you're happy - if you go to far you can do a little smudging or wiping and start again. This will probably be the toughest step. You might have to do some experimenting until you figure out the technique that looks the best.

Finally, go in with the tip of an eraser, and pull out any highlights within the darkest part of the beard. If the photo you are drawing from has any super tiny highlights, you can cut your eraser down into a sharp point, and carefully pull up little bits of charcoal. Or, you can use a white charcoal pencil, just make sure not to blend the white in, or you'll end up with a chalky looking mess...

I hope this helps :)


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How to draw a 5 o'clock shadow?

by Elizabeth

5 o'clock shadow (photo of Chase Crawford)

5 o'clock shadow (photo of Chase Crawford)

Thanks Elizabeth!!

That helped me a lot, I'm trying what you told me, but now my problem is that the part of the beard is darker than the rest of the face and it looks kind of weird.
This time I will include the picture I'm drawing. I have everything except the beard... I'm stuck.


Hi Andrea -

I see the issue - this beard is much shorter than the one I was using. Ok, notice that the shadow of the beard isn't any darker than other shadows on the face - like the shadows under the eyes for example. The only difference is that the non-hair shadows are perfectly smooth - while the beard shadows are splotchy or textured. So, you might need to rub out what you've drawn and begin with a smooth shadow. Then, I would experiment with your eraser - instead of adding dark spots with the charcoal pencil, I would add highlights with a pointy eraser. If that doesn't work try using a scrunched up paper towel to create a texture where the beard goes. Experiment on another sheet of paper - try an old toothbrush, crumpled paper, anything you can think of until you get a texture that works well. The other thing I notice is that there is a thin black outline along the chin - just make sure to put that in too!

Good luck Andrea!!

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