How to draw Arches in Perspective - Space in Between



Arch in Perspective

Q: Hi,

I'm trying to draw a series of arches in one point perspective. I already know how to do the arches themselves, but I don't want them to touch. I need sections of wall between the arches (sort of like the picture, but in one-point perspective). How would I do those in perspective?

Simply space the arches so that there is adequate space between them. In order to draw the spaces between the arches correctly, you would want to make sure that those spaces get larger the closer they get to the viewer (and smaller the closer they get to the vanishing point). You can use the formula found at this LINK (Drawing tiles in perspective) to place them in exact perspective, or you can simply eyeball the distances and space them accordingly.

The easiest way to draw the inside of the arch is to copy the original arch, but simply place it slightly to the left (or right) of the original arch. (Place it to the left if you are copying the picture of the aqueduct above). Then simply erase the left (or right) hand line that should be invisible. (In the example above you would erase the dotted line).

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