How to Draw a Nose

by menna

Question: i need you in this one. this is my mum,i know there is something wrong with the nose, i hope you tell me how to fix it.

Answer: of course Menna. Are you working from a photograph or from life? Either way, the thing to do here is to measure. What is the distance between the lips and the nose compared to the distance between the nose and the eyes? It looks like your nose is a little bit low - not by much, but moving the bottom of the nose up even just 1/8" (or a bit more) will make a world of difference. Second, measure the space between the nostrils and compare that measurement to one of the nostrils. Usually, those measurements are closer to equal - and right now the nostrils look just a little bit too wide - try making each one just 1/8" smaller. (I am guessing at the size of your drawing, use your own judgment about the measurements). Hopefully, these slight changes will help you create a more accurate nose.

And also let me congratulate you - the drawing is very nice! It's flattering and you did a great job drawing a smile. Drawing smiles and teeth is not easy to do so good job!

I assume you've watched the portrait drawing video - but just in case here is the link: Portrait Proportions and Video.

You can also apply some of the measuring techniques found in the Measuring Video to the distances between features on the face.

Happy Drawing,

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