herringbone brick pattern

by melanie
(san francisco)

2 point Perspective Brick Herringbone Pattern

2 point Perspective Brick Herringbone Pattern

How would you draw a herringbone brick pattern in two point perspective. Starting by making two new horizon points at 45 degree angles?

Answer: Wow, now that is a question! It all depends on the orientation of the brick. For example, if the bricks are laid parallel and perpendicular to the sides of the house / building, then they would all line up with the same lines of convergence (receding lines) that the walls follow - therefore you would use the original vanishing points. See pic 1.

However, if the brick is laid at a 45 degree angle (not parallel or perpendicular) to the sides of the house / building, then they will not follow the same lines of convergence, nor will they share vanishing points. So yes, you would need to draw 2 new vanishing points. The problem lies in finding the 45 degree angles you speak of. The EASIEST way to draw this is to make certain your building or rooms' vanishing points are BOTH equidistant from the corner of the room or building. Then all you would have to do is draw one vanishing point right between your original 2 vanishing points. This central vanishing point would be at a 45 degree angle and can therefore be used to lay down the lines for your brick. The secondary brick lines would be horizontal! Take a look at pic 2 - notice that the bricks' first vanishing point is not far off center - and the bricks' second lines of convergence are almost horizontal...

Hope this helps! Your line of thought was correct after all!


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