growing up with art

I have always been crafty and artistic, and so was my mom so growing up I was always drawing, or creating things out of whatever materials were handy. As an adult I continue to do crafts and fine arts as a hobby sometimes even selling a few pieces here and there. For me personally, arts and crafts have been a source of comfort, keeping me occupied and my mind active. Without this diversion I am not sure what I would do with my down time! I find that each new project brings excitement and anticipation, and upon completion I feel immense satisfaction. I also love looking at things that other people have done, both to be inspired and to learn about how other people will approach different types of media. Art can also be a way to heal from difficulties, much in the same way that some people might journal or confide in friends. You can work through a lot of emotions, laying it all out in your art… and then when you are done, you can reflect on it and come away with a new perspective on your life.’ Art for me is life. It is enmeshed in my very being. -Jana

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