Grateful for Crochet Creativity

by Carol

My name is Carol and I have been crocheting for forty years. For years, I just followed patterns. But now,I am branching out and creating some of my own patterns. I enjoy participating in craft shows, especially at Christmas. One show was at a middle school. I was surprised and happy that so many children were amazed that all the things on my table were created by me. They were more appreciative than some adults. It made me feel proud even if they couldn't buy anything. But for shows at schools, I make quite a few inexpensive things that the children can afford. An example is a little cell phone holder that I made and glued a little jewel on the front of it. Two dollars was a good price for this gift. I do crochet for the local food bank and send them hats, scarves, and lap throws. Many people give me yarn and this is a good way for me to help other people. Someone did good deeds for me and I try to pass it on. I have quite a stash of yarn and some projects are not finished. But the work gets done. I only crochet what I actually feel like working on at any given time. And the feeling of pride washes over me when a special project is completed. I do search the internet to keep up with trends, patterns, and those great yarn sales. New patterns are added to my collection weekly. And lucky for me, my hands are in good shape for my age. For that, I am thankful. It would be a loss not to be able to crochet anymore.

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