Finding your creative niche

by Bonita

Some of my first memories were of my mother sitting in her rocking chair, cross-stitching her latest project. It always had a homey and comforting feel. I would wake up early in the morning, and there she would be, working with her creative talent. My older brother used his creativity in his humorous caricatures; my sister, in her realistic paintings. I remember thinking that I had no talent compared to them, as they were uniquely gifted in creating beautiful things with their hands. It took me some time to find my niche, but art and creativity is now one of the most important things in my life. When I am overwhelmed and tired, I put on music and paint free-style. Mountain ranges and nighttime desert scenes soon canvas my balcony walls, as I find peace in my freedom of expression. I enjoy exploring creativity in the written word and poetry, as I write of joys, sorrows and dreams, wishes, and deeper things unspoken in the day to day life. There is almost no limit to the ways that creativity and art can bring joy and peace to one’s life.

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