Easy Crafts for Kids - How to Make Art Fun

Easy Crafts for Kids - How to Make Art Fun:

How to Make Art Fun For Your Kids

By Cindy L. Adkins

With so much emphasis today on academics and a thrust toward having youngsters ready for kindergarten early, it appears that the wonder of childhood is quickly taking a backseat to reading, writing, and arithmetic. So, what can you as a parent do to make sure that your own young children are not short-changed in terms of their own creativity? Why not plan an Art Day for you and your kids? This could provide some fun for all of you while seated at the table spreading your creative wings.

To prepare, think of subjects and themes that your children are interested in, such as butterflies, frogs, or anything else that is captivating to them.

Through a quick search on the internet, it is possible to locate pages that contain pictures that you can print out and cut. These include coloring pages, as well. I find that choosing a different theme each week works well, so if you find several that you would like to use, save some for future projects. Also, a small basket will come in handy for your Art Day activities in which you can store glue, crayons, and your pre-cut pictures. it can be used each time that you want to re-visit this activity.

With all of your supplies on hand, you will find that these moments can equal terrific shared time in which your children can use creativity to make pictures containing their favorite images. If there is an upcoming holiday, you can also include appropriate images for them to work with, as well.

Once their work is done, it is a good idea to use a cork board to display their special pictures. At that point, labeling them will be quite advantageous. Use "one word" labels, such as "dog," "cat," or whatever word describes each picture. In this way, you will also help your children to develop a mini-dictionary of recognizable words. Be sure to discuss the board during the week and help your children identify the pictures, as well as the words.

You can also use Art Day to have your children make cards for family and friends. You can prepare and fold blank cards in advance and help with decorating. Ask your children whom they would like to make them for prior to beginning. It is interesting to see which images they pick for different people. When the cards are completed, place them in envelopes and make sure that they are given to their intended recipients so that the people can respond to them and give your children positive feedback. Keep in mind that this can be a welcome surprise for Dad when he comes home from work at night. Your little artists can give it to him with pride and learn that their art is appreciated.

As you complete one Art Day project, you will most likely find yourself on the lookout for other images that your children can use for their next activity. As a mixed media artist, I often have complimentary holiday artwork on my website to download for various projects. These come in quite handy for Art Day too and can easily be used to create cards or whatever else your little artists want to make.

By taking a little extra time, you will find that introducing your children to art can be quite rewarding. No matter which images or embellishments you use,be sure to make the experience fun.

You can play music that you would enjoy hearing together and even prepare a healthy snack to munch on while you are involved in your projects. There is nothing quite as satisfying as shared time and when your children learn in the process, it is simply an extra bonus!

Cindy L. Adkins is a New Orleans-based artist who enjoys inspiring people to use their own creative talents. She believes that the creative process grows even stronger when shared with others. To see her artwork, please visit http://recoveryartist.com

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