Drawing is a Healthy avenue of escape

Creativity is beneficial to my life because it allows healthy avenues of escape. Whether the creativity is manifested in something I wrote or painted or someone else’s in the form of filmic productions, creativity is a positive force in my life.

I spend all day researching, synthesizing data, and writing it up into comprehensible prose. At night, I want to be able to enjoy the fruits of others’ creativity or create something myself. Creative endeavors allow me to exercise the part of my brain that is usually dormant due to American culture’s preference for logical, quantitative, and measurable productions. Although many art critics and scholars do not consider television or film as art, these cultural productions are as valid as any other. Perhaps they appeal to a different audience than the masterpieces of Breugel or Michaelangelo, but this does not negate their cultural impact or import.

Whether or not popular culture is an art form can be left to those erudite scholars. For our purposes, it is sufficient to admit after a long day of work, crafting my poems and painting with oils are safe, fun, and perhaps culturally relevant modes of entertainment.

Television and film allow viewers to escape into fantasy (or even “reality”) worlds beyond the realms available to them during their daily lives. --Margot Edera--

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