Creative expression though Nail Art

by Erica

I'm actually an art minor through my college, and the best way I enjoy expressing myself through art is through Nail Art. Doing my own nails or friends nails is so much fun for me, because I have learned I am very good at doing it and the best reward from it is the delighted expressions I get from my friends when they see the finished results. Also, when I'm at my day job and people ask to see my nails, then I tell them I did the art myself, the complete shock on their faces and open mouths make me smile. I know I am good at doing it and it is something I highly enjoy doing. If I am feeling down, I will generally go and pull out my large bin of nail art supplies, sit down at my computer, and just do designs on my nails until I find one I like, then place that design across my nails. Being at the computer lets me watch a show online at the same time, so it's very relaxing over-all.

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