Create a Face: Human Face Proportions and Portrait Drawing Video

Everyone's face structure will vary slightly. However, certain guidelines can be used to map out the features of the human face, making it easier to draw a portrait with realistic looking proportions.

Learn about the structure of the human face and how to create a face on paper. Make sure to check out the facial structure diagrams at the bottom of this page. Watch the Portrait Drawing Video (12 min.)

Click for tips on How to Draw Eyes Drawing Portraits

Portrait Drawing is an advanced drawing skill. You will use all of the drawing skills taught in the previous lesson in order to create a realistic human face.

  • Look at Negative Spaces created between the main features of the face. For example: the shape between the eye and eyebrow, the shape between the nose and mouth, the shape of the cheek etc.

  • Notice the Contours of the face. Including the jawline, the eye shape, the eyebrow, etc.

  • Measure the distances between facial features (see examples below).
Note: Measurements will vary slightly depending on whether your face is tilted slightly up or down. Follow the guidelines below loosely, trusting your own observations to make changes wherever needed.

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