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Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

Submitted by:
Jonathan Mariano

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    The Last Tree 
    Nature is getting destroyed..we are cutting trees. The picture shows how the last tree tries to survive in the midst of cold and strong wind This …

    black and white drawing 
    These drawings that I worked on for several days in pencil sketch first then had gone over it with a fine point marker in order to come to conclude the …

    For the decorations of diwali

    Jessica Alba Drawing 
    This was my 4th portrait drawing. The hair was the most challenging part for me. Finished this drawing in approximately 5 hours. Used compressed charcoal, …

    Jessica Alba Drawing 
    This was my 4th portrait drawing. The hair was the most challenging part for me. Finished this drawing in approximately 5 hours. Used compressed charcoal, …

    Frank Sinatra Drawing 
    I am a teen who has a great love for old Hollywood stars, and art! i am just recently getting into drawing portraits, i am open to any advice! i hope you …

    Marilyn Monroe Drawing 
    I am a teen and I'm just starting to draw portraits! i Have a great love for Old Hollywood stars, and i try to draw some of my favorites! I use mostly …

    White Siberian Tiger Drawing 
    This a practice sketch for my painting. I used mechanical pencil 0.5, compressed charcoal pencil(Derwent charcoal pencil medium) and 6B and 4B pencils

    Pencil art within 3 hrs... 
    I love drawing... Drawing is god gift to me,so its my passion....

    Albert Einstein 
    Charcoal Portrait

    lord shiva 
    fistly i intoduce myself, am sarika studying engineering in gsss,,, i love lord shiva so thats y i drawn this picture...and second one s anjanaya,, 3rd …

    An Eye Drawing by 13 year old 
    I am 13 years old and drew this while on holiday. I took a picture of my own eye and drew what i could see. Im better at observational drawing. I would …

    Im thirteen and I drew this picture on holiday. I love to draw but i want to improve. Please help.sorry about the bad quality of the picture.

    portrait of keira 
    from nothing to something...some say artists have their own world... maybe its true maybe not... but its just a matter on how you express it. There is …

    Flaming Koi Drawing 
    Its a project i had to do about surrealism. so it's a koi fish with flames as fins. out of water with some roses

    Splash Drawing 
    This drawing was born by an old Photo that I shot for a Photoshop course that I have created several years ago. It represents some ice blocks that fall …

    City Under Clouds Drawing 
    It's an Art of Imagination. I used simple Pencil Shading. The wallpaper of a city on my computer inspired me to draw something like this. I made a City. …

    Inspired by Wladimir Inostroza's pencil arts.. 
    this drawing was from an inspiration got from Wladimir Inostroza's pencil drawings.....i tried my level best....bith the hands shown in this pencil drawing …

    Nice eye drawing 
    i was boring...

    Yoshe Drawing 
    it is my all star drawing and more drawings will come

    Ink Drwaings of an Indian Girl 

    Drawing of yoshi! 
    by me and i love yoshi so i will be drawing him he is my fav cartoon so here we go hope you love it rate 5

    Drawing of a realistc eye 
    mechanical pencils used only...

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    Drawing of Charlie Chaplin 
    hai im vimal from india i love charlie chaplin this art dedicate to charlie . i did this drawing using only HB pencil. i dont know how many …

    A Face, and Graffiti Drawings 
    For this picture i used a B pencil , an A4 paper

    Alphabets in Urdu 
    I just want to write alphabets ......the creature of words

    Drawing of Drake the Rapper 
    This is Drake, a well known rapper and actor. Tools I Used Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300 Series A4 paper Staedtler Mars Lumograph 6H to 8B …

    Adam Levine Drawing 
    Im absolutely in love with Maroon 5 and wanted to draw their lead singer, Adam Levine, unfortunately i set this drawing on my dining room table, and somehow(i …

    Alex Evans  
    <3 i love this guys style, and it's even better that he's absolutely adorable! just ignore the weird blurry line, my scanner doesnt take very well to sketchbooks... …


    Alpine and Driver Drawing 
    A keen follower and participant of motor sport, I made this illustration of a Racing Driver and his car, showing two views of the Car, a Renault Alpine …

    Kristen Stewart Drawing 
    Hello, My first attempt to draw Kristen Stewart. I used 6B and 8B Faber castle pencils on art paper. smudged it with tissue paper. Drawing the lips and …


    Pencil sketch of a lady 
    Just want to draw her beautiful face. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

    Drawing of Einstein 
    unfinished drawing of Albert Einstein. reference photo from net. charcoal pencils and chalk on gray card. hope you guys find it interesting... …

    Drawing of Bags 
    still life study of a bag, that is positioned in several different ways. The drawing was done using a 7mm hb mechanical pencil, an eraser and a tissue. …

    Drawings of Dave Batista, Manny Paquiano, Bruno Mars, Kristine Reyes  
    Drawings of Dave Batista, Manny Paquiano, Bruno Mars, Kristine Reyes 15 X 20 inc Charcoal portrait

    Avatar Drawing 
    9 X 12 inc Avatar Drawing

    Broken Mirror Drawing 
    Basically this is a broken mirror burning in the depths of death. My friend passed away 2 days before I drew this.

    johann sebastian vinluan! oil painting on canvas board!

    a girl 
    A girl in a indian dress waiting for his loved one..

    It's Me 
    This was an art class assignment when i was in tenth grade. It was my first charcoal and self portrait piece of work.

    vinluan's ART 
    when i saw my teacher...

    inspired on how my cousin death without fear to his heart!

    Still life apples 
    Not much of a story. Just apples

    Elvis Drawing 
    well i posted this unfinished drawing of Elvis Presley showing that my drawings are handmade and not photoshopped, for i don't see any comment on my previous …

    Mick Jagger '65 
    I started a detailed drawing of early sixties Mick, but the soft precise detail did not go with his character. I started over with a more harsh drawing, …

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    Entomologist's favorite collect 
    24 X 18 Charcoal. Twenty layers of drawings. I gave it to my daughter, Christine who is Entomologist.

    FLOWER 2 
    18 x 24 charcoal. Not so fun adding water drops.

    18 x 24 charcoal.

    18 x 24 charcoal.

    First attempt at drawing a face. 18 x 24 charcoal.

    One of the best ones I have done. It took a long time though. 18 x 24 charcoal.

    need help 
    Question: Help me to draw better. Please tell me what I am doing wrong and how can I improve my drawing. Attached image has both the photograph I am trying …

    Guilty or Not Guilty 
    I drew with charcoal and wiped redrew over again about twenty layers of drawings. Framed and gave it to my daughter, Christine for her birthday; she loves …

    Old Bean' 
    Frumpy old Mr. Jenkins...nothing pleases him. His assistant Judy is his only friend and keeps him on track. In fact, without Judy poor old Mr Jenkins would …

    The Simple Man 
    A simple man. A man of principle and good morals....A somewhat naive, innocent, and loving man. This is goes to show that even the worst childhood can …

    Carrot Top 
    Carrot Top is an guy that is living out the remainder his life,or what he knows to be his life. Carrot top fought in the first Civil War and cant quite …

    Hi Justin - the image for this is missing - might be a glitch in the system - feel free to submit it again if you like - I'll delete this post after a …

    This is the portrait of a man that has been deemed unfit to be among the rest of the world. His hideous face and figure has proven him to be most unfavored... …

    Feeble Minded Man 
    The story of this portrait is simply showing a a thin man with a content smile. The mans content smile almost seems to say that his mental status is not …

    Nissan 240SX Dark Angel 
    My girlfriend motivated me to start drawing cars again. This is a piece that I drew for her on her birthday, since she fell in love with this car the first …

    Drawings by Jonathan Mariano 
    here is another,drawn on same medium,this took me less than 5 hours to finish

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