can't find a subject

hi elizabeth :D

i'm having a contest in a few weeks, it's more like a gallery....they want me to draw 7 different drawings, but i just don't know what to draw...
can you give me any ideas??

Hi there "can't find a subject":
Why don't you start with things you like? Pets, nature, people... What interests you? Don't worry about getting everything perfect, just draw as much as you can. Another good idea is to pick one theme for your 7 drawings, especially if they will all be shown together in a gallery. For example, you could choose animals - then you can draw different types of animals. Or, if you pick just one animal, such as a horse, then you could draw horses from different angles and in different settings. The most important thing to ask yourself is: what would I like to focus on for the next few weeks? Once you have an answer, then go for it. You only have a few weeks so I'd get started right away if I were you!

Best wishes and happy drawing!

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i like it
by: Anonymous

yea i like focusing on one thing and drawing it from different angles :D :D :D that's really great idea :D
thanks elizabeth...and once i'm finished i'll let you know ;)

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