Art vs Technology

Jen Art and creativity are more important than ever in a world that clearly indicates that computers can tally facts, numbers and disparate pieces of information better than we can as human beings. We, however, give the meaning.

A four leaf clover is merely a botanical aberration that occurs so many times in a given moment or that can or cannot be broken down into a means of replicating four leaf clovers on a mass scale without providing the why we might care about such a thing. Meaning imbued by human emotion, experience and expectation is the greatest value of art and creativity because it ultimately it allows us to connect with one another on a human level.

Such connection is the way our ideas progress so that we can focus our attention on specific goals. Even computers, without the goal of speeding something up or accomplishing a specific task, are meaningless as simply machines that can do something quickly. Our society risks losing the forest of human thought and progress for the trees of specific factoid or number calculations when we forget that emotion, beauty, love and sharing are often the very things that lead to the development of the next very practical technology.

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