Art can sustain us through crisis

by Santosh

I wish to share how a creative pursuit helped me cope professional crisis. I am of the view that various forms of art, be it sketching, painting, music or writing, give a vent to our creative urges. These expressions provide a great healing touch to our hurt emotions, pent up frustrations and periods of low spirits. Man doesn?t live by bread alone, does he? I have had some first hand experience when I found how soothing such art forms can be! While I was in the process of winding up my established manufacturing business, the phase was riddled with day to day stress causing challenges. More so, as I was quite unsure about what future had in store for me. I decided to take to watercolors that I had a liking for. Each day, after the day?s tasks were brought to some stage to be left at, I would pick my sketch board, colors and brushes and start doing some small art piece. I found this to be very de-stressing. Soon, I joined a watercolor workshop at a nearby resort that gave me a break from my abhorring routine with a short drive followed by some instruction on the techniques and a couple of hours of sketching and painting nearby scenic spots. I am sure this worked wonders in lifting my spirits and provided an effective avenue for stress bursting. Now I am settled in another line for livelihood, still my watercolor painting continues to refresh me from the daily grime. I am quite convinced that art in any form that absorbs our mind helps give a healing touch that can sustain us through our low periods.

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