Art brings transformation

Art and creativity has been absolutely vital to my life experience, and I truly believe that art has the power to do many things for many people. I am an artist and I have been lucky enough to be told that my work has helped other people realize they were not alone, that it helped them to feel normal. The interesting thing is that when I have heard that from someone else, it in turn validates me and makes me feel better - about my artwork and about myself. So it takes on a therapeutic quality for both the viewer and the creator. There are times when you are singing or even listening to music - or times when you are painting - and it is like you can literally feel the catharsis pouring right out of you, as if you are metaphorically sweating out your old pent-up emotions with each note of the song or with each stroke of the paintbrush. There's also been times where it's been a work of art - either my own or another artists - and it has been that piece of art that has been the final push to get me in gear to change something that needs changing about myself or my life... it's like it finally makes things click. Arts can just bring about total transformation. -Caroline

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