Art, as good as words.

by Shelly

I have been creating art since I was a child, and usually whenever I find myself with some free time I end up creating something. I enjoy using all types of media such as charcoal, graphite, paint, clay, sharpies, paper, anything. It is enjoyable because it is a part of my personality. I like using my imagination, letting myself creep into the deep parts of my brain to let feelings, emotions, and expressions that I didn't even know I had show themselves in something I create. In a way, it feels as good as talking. I consider myself a very shy person and usually when things bother me I tend to keep those problems in and don't ever express it. So, making art and being creative is my way of talking it out. It makes me feel better. If someone wanted to know what was wrong with me if I was upset, I would rather draw it out then talk. Art is very therapeutic for me and if anything were to happen where I couldn't create things I would be lost.

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