Art and Music comes from within

Art is one’s own way to express where each of us have own definitions to it. Art is something which comes from within to a person. It may be music, painting, drawing Etc... Etc... If anyone asks me what is my passion then I have only one answer to them music, music and music. I am a Tabla player I have been practicing it from years together.

My family is also very closely attached to music as my father and brother both are singers. I love to listen to any percussion music anytime it sort of generates some inner happiness in me which cannot be matched to anything in this world. If just listening to music makes me feel that way then man to sit and enjoy playing no one can even guess what sort of pleasure you derive out of yourself.

Just in brief to any I will advice that art should or must be a part of life. If you miss out on this you will never get a chance again. So go out learn something new and make your life a bit more beautiful than what it is.

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