Angel Art Gesture Drawings

Angel art drawn quickly! These drawings took just a few seconds to create. Any object in your home can be made into a gesture drawing. Practice drawing chairs, plants, figurines, cats, dogs, keys, fruit, etc. The sky's the limit!

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Gesture Drawing the Figure

Gesture Drawings of Dogs

Draw while riding the bus, relaxing in your backyard, enjoying the outdoors in a park... the list goes on.

Experiment with timing. Try 5 second drawings, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, or spend 5 minutes on a really complex object.

You can't go wrong with gestures once you relax and let go of expectations. Good gestures possess a certain kind of energy that other types of drawing cannot recreate. If you are having problems with gestures the best advice is to loosen up! Get messy. Draw on napkins and toss them when you're done. Remember, these are meant to be fun, no pressure drawings!

angel gesture drawing

Notice that these drawings don't capture every minute detail. They don't even draw lines exactly where they should be (if you were making a realistic drawing). What they do is capture the essence of movement. That's the whole point of gesture drawing. And that's what makes gesture drawing such a fun and easy way to practice your drawing technique.

angel gesture drawing

What would these drawing look like if I had spent 5 minutes drawing instead of just a few seconds? They would probably be 1. Darker 2. More detailed 3. More scribbly 4. Even Messier! Who knows, they might not look as pleasing as these do now. Or maybe they would look better? You'll never know until you try it out yourself.

Remember that even if you do spend 5 minutes on a drawing, your mark-making should be quick, loose and energetic. Drawing slowly and carefully is never considered "gesture" drawing.

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