A Kit For Charcoal Drawings


I'm looking for a charcoal kit I bought a few years back. Came with all the basics plus a book with pictures. The one thing I was looking for was the kit that came with the ruler and clear see through grids to convert the smaller pictures to larger pictures. The supplies you show are almost what I'm looking for minus a few things the one I had. Any idea where I could get a kit like this?


The kit you speak of sounds fantastic. I'm guessing you don't remember the original manufacturers name? This means you just might have to do some shopping around - harness the power of the internet so you don't waste fuel driving around from art shop to art shop. Try doing a Google Image or Shopping search and you might be able to recognize the image of the kit you originally purchased. I just did a Google Shopping search for the words "charcoal drawing kit grid" and found some things that might be close. Pardon that I could not point you to the exact kit you seek but I wish you the best in your search!

Here is the link to our affiliate art supplier, (( Coming Soon! )). They sell a variety of drawing kits. If they don't carry the exact kit you need you can still order the charcoal supply items separately at reasonable online prices!

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