45 degree angle 1-point perspective

Question: I am trying to draw a house. And one of the walls is at a 45 degree angle to another wall that is on the line of perspective. How do I make the 45 degree angle vanishing point for my wall.

Answer: The wall that is at 45 degrees will not use the same vanishing points as the other walls - it will need it's own vanishing point(s). In this case, ALL vanishing points will fall along the same horizon line. Now, the real question is how to decide where along the horizon line the second set of vanishing points go? I wish I had a mathematical and precise answer for you but I don't. What I would do is sight/measure my angles to get a rough estimation of where ALL the vanishing points go. Whether this advice works for you depends on how solid your sighting/measuring skills are. Follow the link for a video example of "measuring". I'm sure that there is a more mathematical/technical way of determining where the vanishing point for the 45 degree wall should go, but unfortunately that answer is beyond my expertise. If you happen to come across a more specific tecnique please feel free to share the link in the comment section below. Best wishes with your drawing!

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