2d dimensions

by menna

Q: what ever i do, it just doesn't seem real:( ,it always seems like cartoon, what should i do??

A: Hi Menna - nice drawing! The proportions look great! That is the first step towards creating realistic drawings. There are several things you can do to make your drawings look more realistic.

1) Avoid outlines where there are no outlines - you did a great job of avoiding these outlines within the face (the features). However, the shirt and the ears look outlined. Try making the background dark so that when in meets up with the shoulders and ears and head, the line is created by a dark area meeting up with a light area, instead of an outline. Or, you can make the shirt darker.

2) Add pupils and highlights within the eyes. If you look closely at an eye, there will always be a small dark circle in the very center AND there will usually be a tiny highlight within, or overlapping that small dark pupil (sometimes it's several tiny highlights). Do you have any white pastel pencils? They can do the trick if you don't want to use an eraser to get back to the white of the paper. Check out the drawing eyes tutorial for further instruction.

3) Add highlights on the face itself. I see that you have added some wonderful and soft shadows along the chin, cheeks, forehead, nose and around the eyes. These are fantastic! Now it's time to add the highlights - take a good look at your subject (or photo). You will probably see a few highlights along the length of the nose and it's tip, cheeks, chin, forehead and cheekbones. Some highlights will be subtle and some will be almost white (probably at the very tip of the nose). Notice how the highlights you drew on the lips make them appear round? Well, that is what will happen when you incorporate highlights into the face.

So, those 3 things (no outlines, pupils and highlights) should help you create drawings that are more realistic.

Finally, you might consider trying a Grid Drawing. This really forces you to take a detailed look at the value changes on every single inch of your photo.

You are doing very well so far and I am happy that you have kept with it! It's fun to see your progression as an artist!

Happy continued drawing!

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